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MJ is a Canadian-born Asian who grew up in Alberta, Canada whose diagnosis of ADHD in 2019 marked a new chapter of her life where she immersed herself in the world of ADHD and mental health. Through her research, learning, and engagement in open conversations and collaboration with experts in the field, she recognized a lack of representation for the greater Asian community in the domains of mental health and ADHD.

Through her observations, a pattern emerged. Both past and present, in her personal life and within her local community, conversations of mental health-related topics were repeatedly and routinely dismissed. It then became MJ’s passion to break the cycles, speak up, and create awareness about mental health and ADHD within her local and greater Asian community.

A part of her vision became reality when she co-founded the online support group called Works in Progress. Its first meet was held in a virtual space in late 2020 where members shared their desire to continue with this space and expressed their gratitude for an arena that finally allowed an open dialogue about their own mental health struggles without fear of being judged or shamed.

Their stories uncovered the effects of the cultural norms that kept them under an unspoken oath of silence, which in many communities, continues to prevent their struggles to be heard or understood.

MJ’s mission expanded after joining the 21st season of ADHD reWired’s Coaching and Accountability Groups. During her coaching season as a member, she was offered the chance to start her very own podcast. Following completing her coaching season, MJ has become an experienced peer mentor for others with ADHD.

With the guidance of coaching, the encouragement of the greater ADHD community, and the support from her loving partner and fellow ADHD brain, the ADHD Diversified Podcast was born.

Today, armed with an insatiable curiosity and a mindset of growth, MJ continues her involvement as a peer mentor in the ADHD space. She also continues to work with her local support groups to do outreach about mental health and ADHD.

She hopes that sharing her stories through her podcast will open the door to further conversations to help alleviate the misconceptions and stigmas of mental health, especially in under-represented communities.

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“My hope for anyone who listens to the show is that someone’s self advocacy can start here.


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